Natural Stone Art - From the American West and Beyond
What We Do
Our work is a shared effort.  

Richard does the heavy lifting (literally) and builds large pieces.  Cathy creates pendants, specimens, bolas, buckles.  

Combining art study with rock hounding, I trained at a rock shop with old-school lapidarists and evolved my technique. Pieces are slabbed on a 36” saw, cut  on a smaller saw, then ground, polished, buffed on a six diamond-wheel lapidary.  The convergence of great rock, a personal design sense, and meticulous execution produces some very special, sometimes-surprising pieces.

Over the years our...
-  geological field experience expanded
-  aesthetic criteria for stone and found objects clarified
-  lapidary expertise matured
Our best day is hunting rocks in the hot, high desert;  bringing them home to saw and lapidary; revealing remarkable images in the stone; and realizing that vision in polished treasures.
Sweat, discovery, and beauty that can be shared - it doesn't get better for us.
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